Breck Epic Stage Two

Stage 2 tv interview


Day Three, Stage Two – a day for full suspension if I ever saw one!  Today team leader and M2M founder, yours truly, was paired up against speedster and Breckenridge local, Chris Brown.  Chris raced the prologue on Sunday and was itching for something a bit more – MORE.  Today’s course was the short one, 30 plus miles and over 7,000 feet of climbing, so I think that’s more enough for us all.  

Chris stayed with the speedsters at the front while I did my best to hang in the middle of the singlespeed men.  Riding a hardtail singlespeed Niner means that I’m used to what the climbs have in store for me, but today the descents rattled my brain and bounced me around so much that I found myself sitting in my saddle maybe 10% of the entire ride.  I was either climbing out of the saddle or descending off the back of the saddle.  The ‘saddle cream’ was relegated to its moisturizing qualities only as the only time my ass touched the seat was on the gentler of the climbs.   Its one of the few races where the descents were nearly as painful as the climbs. Nearly?  Hell…they were!

Chris did us proud and is already ‘in’ for next year!  He seemed to relish the chance to race alongside some of the best in the mountain bike racing as the small field and group starts keep the fast riders together regardless of classification.  My goal was to keep in front of at least a couple of the singlespeed men.  We also got some Canadian air time as a television crew interviewed us at the start line. Couple that with Chri bike use as a prop for Indonesian television after the prologue, he’s going to have to come on as a a permanent spokesperson for Team M2M.  

The best racer by far in this race is Wendy Stack from southern Colorado.  Wendy is rockin’ the solo women’s category at the ripe ol’ age of 65.  65!!  She’s all smiles at the end of the stages and is the oldest finisher of the Leadville 100 if rumors are to be true – I need to get the google going on that one to confirm.   She’s been at the Team M2M massage tent we set up for the Breck Epic more than once, taking care to do all she can to recover each night and prepare for whatever the next stage throws at us.  

Tomorrow is Stage three and its the biggest and baddest of them all (sorry Mark and Jeff).  47 miles and nearly 10,000 feet of climbing.  Our two riders from the Front Range nabbed that bad boy – by a fluke of a stage switcheroo.  Race Director, Mike McCormick, switched up the races on us Sunday night and the power team were given a big ask.   This ride includes a snow field crossing, and several BIG climbs as well as some of the more technical downhills of the race.   Needless to say, team leader owes them beer and dinner after this stage!

Remember help all the riders out by visiting and searching Mountain 2 Mountain to donate to each riders fundraising goal!  You can’t give them a lung transplant, but you can get them $20 closer to their goal of helping out our non profit!


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  1. Rossi

    Here are the results from that race

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