Breck 100


Whew – one epic mountain bike race down and another high class event in our own backyard hits this Saturday, July 18.   Thane Wright of Warriors Cycling has supported Mountain to Mountain since our first event in 2007, and this year has dedicated part of his hallmark race proceeds to our organization. 

Several members of Team M2M that raced in the Epic are showing up for the short course which benefits Mountain to Mountain.  The Breck 32 is the first loop of the 100 mile course.  If you fancy joining us, we’d love to help bring more racers to this shorter course which is suitable for intermediate riders and racers.  Want to take a bite of something a bit meatier?  Take on the 68 and ride the first two loops, or take on all three for the endurance 100 milers.  As Race Director, Thane Wright describes it, “You’ll cross the Continental Divide three times, climb 12,000 foot passes and forge high mountain streams while all the time returning to the support and encouragement of our staff, friends and teammates who are waiting for you at Carter Park in historic downtown Breckenridge. ”

Resistance is futile!

We have more jerseys, so any new riders for the Team itself are welcome to race with us.  Your only requirement (besides loving to mountain bike) is setting up a fundraising page on and trying to raise some cash to offset your sweat equity.   Super simple and totally secure, it’s a fantastic way to help Mountain to Mountain gets our projects off the ground in Afghanistan. 

We want to help out Thane and make the Breck 100, 68, and 32 run smoothly – so besides our call for racers, we are also rounding up course marshalls and volunteers for registration, or whatever else Thane needs.   Contact Thane at or check out the race 411 at


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