Team M2M – August Sightings

Jersey sightings continue through August with triathletes in Steamboat Springs classic tri, and mountain bikes at the Laramie Enduro and Tipperary Creek, and of course runners at Pikes’s Peak Ascent and at Mountain to Mountain’s 2nd Annual Race for the Mountains!

Thanks especially to riders like Denver resident, Paula Telck, for her kind words after racing 70 miles on her mountain bike in the Laramie Enduro a few weeks ago.  Riders like this capture the spirit of what we are attempting to do.

“From the 7 am start and one of 400 racers, I wait anxiously to start the Laramie Enduro. This is not your sit back and relax kind of day, but one that requires the right amount of energy and to a much bigger degree endurance. Over the course of the 111km race, I will feel exhilarated, hopefully, anxious and, yes, pain but mostly honored. Today I was given the opportunity by Shannon Galpin, to represent Mountain to Mountain, an organization making an impact in young woman’s lives in Afghanistan. I’m fortunate to have been born in America where opportunities like today’s race exist for women. In America, nobody can deny me this moment. Something this wonderful and simple should be universal and afforded to all women. There are endless streams of smiles and cheers as the riders cross the finish line including myself. It feels good to be done, but the smiles from my face also come from a place deeper in my heart. I wear my Mountain to Mountain jersey with great pride, honor and in support of the efforts of this absolutely amazing organization. ”

Next month keep an eye out for us at  Singlespeed World Championship 09 in Durango, CO.   More than one of us will be riding our singlespeeds at this epic event!!


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