3 Ways to Pedal your Support for M2M!

The elusive summer is here in the high mountains, and the sound of shifting gears, heavy breathing, and the occasional sound of cranks on rocks signals that the trails are dry.  My own trusty steed is needing some extra layers of dirt on her, and my six month hiatus from serious training is now kicking my butt.  But the hiatus was for good cause, two trips to Afghanistan, and incredible progress with program development makes it hard to leave the computer when things are rolling.  But now its time to find some balance and roll the wheels as well as the momentum.

So grab your bike and mark your calendar – here’s how you can help this summer with your blood, sweat, and tears on the trails in Colorado!

First up.  July 17 in Breckenridge.  The incredible Breck 100 kicks off and their short course, the B32, a singletrack love fest of 32 miles, benefits Mountain2Mountain.  Several Team M2M riders will be taking part, and a couple Breck 100 riders will sport our jersey, despite their entry going towards a different non profit.   The course is fun, the weather is usually perfect, and we’ll have a tent set up at the start/finish for anyone wanting to find out more about getting involved or simply needs some band aids!  Thanks to Thane Wright of Warriors Cycling for making us a recipient for the second year – our goal is build the B32 up – so come one, come all, especially you singlespeeders, its perfect for you!  Find out more and register here!

Second.  The gruelfest known as the Breck Epic. Its back, and its more epic with a date change and increased mileage this year.  August 22-27.  This race doesn’t benefit M2M but we do have two teams competing and fundraising for our projects with their own Firstgiving fundraising pages.  We’ll be posting those as we could use your support helping out our racers or taking part and setting up your own Firstgiving page, check out mine from last year as an example!

Last but certainly not least, our homegrown, M2M designed, Pansjhir Tour. This is where you can make the biggest impact!!  Several cities will hosting community bike rides as part of the Tour exactly one year since I rode in Afghanistan.  At the same time, I’ll be riding again through the Panjshir Province, linking our donor and project communities for the first time.  The goal?  To raise money and awareness for Mountain2Mountain’s projects half a world away, in a country where women can’t ride bikes.  Rides in DC, LA, Honolulu, and Golden, Colorado are confirmed, with a few more getting involved.  You can find out more on our website and we ask you to become a fan on Facebook to find out the latest from our sponsors and communities.  The ride is just $20, but we encourage all participants to fundraise and major prizes will go out to the top fundraisers, including a Niner frame.   Be part of this inaugural event and help us grow it into something groundbreaking.

You’re out of State or can’t ride these races?  Talk to your local races and see if M2M can be a beneficiary, or look at creating your own event!  Need a goal to help you stay motivated for a new two-wheeled (or two-footed) challenge?  Then set up a Firstgiving page and set a fundraising goal of your own based on a local race or event – share with us and we’ll spread the word!

Our biggest need.  Riders and VOICES!!  Spread the word, share the links with your friends and fellow riders, post the links on Facebook and Twitter.  Help Mountain2Mountain accomplish great things in Afghanistan with the power of your pedals!   Email info@mountain2mountain.org for more info or to get involved!

Mountain2Mountain website


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