Team M2M was created to support Mountain to Mountain through the pursuit of mountain sports.  Mountain biking, trail running, radonnee ski racing, indoor climbing, heck – roadies are allowed to, be it cycling or running!   The goal is to raise awareness and funds through taking part in the activities we love best, under the banner of Team M2M.  

We launched Team M2M with the mountain bikers.  We had custom jerseys created to help us raise awareness and thus future sponsorship so that next year we’ll have full racing kit!   (hint hint to potential sponsors reading this!)

The team will include runners, skiers, etc. as the year progresses, and no, they are not expected to race in the bike jersey.  They will get their own fun piece of training/racing kit to compete in.   The team is not for elite athletes only.  All levels are welcome and encouraged to take part.  Beginners are just as needed as elite racers.   

Get creative, get outside, and get involved! 

Want more information or want to get involved in your community?  Email us at:  info@mountain2mountain.com


2 responses to “About

  1. Jane

    What a great idea! I’m a cross-country skier in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. I’ve recently been thinking about racing, although I don’t know the first thing about it. It would be motivating to get involved for the benefit of M2M, as well as for the fun and exercise. Any thoughts?

    • Shannon Galpin

      We’d love your involvement – the easiest way to get involved through racing is to set up an online fundraising page at Firstgiving.com you can set any goal, add our Dateline link (its on our website’s about us page, and why you are gettinginvolved, etc. Then you just post it to FB, Twitter and email to friend and family to let them know what your challenge is. We would certainly put that link with your story and race goal on our blog and let our supporters know – it may inspire others to get involved as well! Thanks so much for your support and reaching out! Feel free to email me at info@mountain2mountain.com if you want to brainstorm further.

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